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I'm a photographer who doesn't like filters and a writer who likes

it best the first go- without edits.

I came up with my idea for my "happy little tees" while having a midnight rant about the twisted ways religion taught me shame in sexuality and to reject gay people.

I discovered energy healing when I was at absolute mental rock-bottom and told my doctor I was basically done, and she enlightened me about energy work and how it would help release trauma out of my body.

All of these concepts together have brought me here, to The Daily Nectar, where I believe that happiness is a choice, and that gratitude is everything.

Here, we build a community of Embodied, Empowered People who fully embrace their weird and wonderful selves. like Bob Ross & come get some "happy little tees" 


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Boudoir Photography 

- Megan Yenny is a photographer, writer, energy healer, yoga instructor & happy little tee-shirt designer located in Orange County, California.  

She has a passion for people and desires to help us all feel good and authentic in our human meat suits.

well hello there.


Happy little tees

"happy by choice" custom happy face t-shirts are all about

finding gratitude and joy in difficult moments.

"gay by nature. happy by choice."  is a fun pun

& reminder to love yourself and others fully.

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