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well hello there.



I'm Meg - a photographer, who doesn't like filters, and a writer, who believes in the rough draft — let the creative juices flow, keep it real, keep it natural.


I’m a happiness advocate, and my “Happy Little Tees” project was born during a midnight rant, discussing the twisted ways antiquated societal and religious constructs breed shame and rejection for a person’s sexuality. Live and let live, my friends. 


I’m an energy healer, who discovered energy healing when I was at my absolute, mental, rock-bottom and learned the technique of “Emotion Code" to help release trauma trapped inside of the body. I have spent the last few years healing through art & energy work.


All of these concepts combined have brought me to the creation of Nectar: establishing a community and safe-haven for those who believe that happiness is a choice, art is healing, and energy is everything. 


At Nectar we are a collective of embodied and empowered people, who KNOW THEIR NECTAR.

With love,

Megs like Bob Ross & come get some "happy little tees" (click here!)


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- Meg Yenny is a photographer, writer, Intuitive & Certified Energy Clearing Expert & happy little tee-shirt designer with a Studio + Healing Center in Costa Mesa, California.  

She has a passion for people and desires to help us all feel good and authentic in our human meat suits.

See some recent publications about her here (but don't stay gone for long!)

Happy little tees

"happy by choice" custom happy face t-shirts are all about

finding gratitude and choosing your own happiness.

hand-drawn calligraphy custom t-shirts spread the message of

embodiment and self-empowerment. 

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