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Champagne... With a Side of Confidence

My journey into becoming a Boudoir Babe Photographer....

It was 2020, and life was over as we all knew it to be.

For me, my business was over too.

At the time I was primarily a wedding photographer, and all of my wedding clients were canceling and shifting to backyard secret gatherings and masked-up courthouse weddings. Life seemed to be nothing short of a disaster. On top of that, I was a newly-divorced single-mother with 90% custody of four little humans.

My income vanished before my eyes, as well as life as I knew it.

I took a year and re-evaluated... just about everything.

As the year went on, I felt like I needed a change. I started teaching piano to all the kids in my community, and went on to study the energy work that changed my life during this time (Emotion Code) + became a Certified Yoga Instructor so I could pivot my career. I also started a podcast (didn't everyone and their mom?!)

I cracked open my film camera again, started collecting records, and remembered that I loved vintage items, antiques, and the slower things in life. I began collecting little pieces of myself that had been lost over the last couple decades.

Basically, I began to welcome the gift of a slow season and time to think.

A few people came and asked me if I had ever done Boudoir. NOPE. Not into it. Women are so much more than a photograph and shapes. I was kind of anti-boudoir.

And then somewhere along the line, when the third person asked me, it shifted. I realized that I could create a brand and a company where a woman was more than a shape, and the person inside the shape was lit-up, instead of just sexualized. Us women are lots of things, and lots of shapes. We wear many hats, we dream many dreams, and many of us hold our families together.

Men like looking at us. Other women like looking at us. Maybe instead of being anti-sexual, I could create a safe space where bodies are far more than what we eat, how much we exercise, and what we are wearing. Perhaps I could create boudoir that didn't look like P*RN? And perhaps I could add in my Coaching experience, Energy Work Certification, and passion for embodiment? Thus, Nectar Embodied was born and I pivoted my career into helping people become empowered & embodied.

I suffered from a gnarly eating disorder in my late teens and my relationship with my body has been nothing short of a battlefield. In my late teens and twenties my body was a rough road of self-hate, excessive dieting, obsession, confusion, convulsion, and shame. I'm still figuring out how to love my body, but not think too much about my body. I'm still figuring out how to be mindful of everything I eat and drink, while not counting calories or weighing myself. I fell in love with yoga because it allows me to use my body and feel good in my body, while going inward and not focusing on results. I find it a weird and winding road to be a human in this world full of so much emotion, desire and struggle. I figured I'd attract other people who feel the same way, and are open to art and healing as a road into their best life.

It is from this humble and heartfelt place that I welcome all women, and all people, into my studio. Here is the process of coming in for Boudoir, broken down into 6 easy steps!

Step 1. Book Boudoir on

Step 2. Fill out short 1-minute questionnaire so we can learn more about you

Step 3. Show up with a couple outfits (or not! All my tips will be emailed to you, as well as Bangin Boudoir Deals on Amazon)

Step 4. We serve you champagne + a side of confidence while you get hair + makeup done

Step 5. We jam to music, crack jokes, pose, laugh and have a blast

Step 6. See your images and either cry happy tears, fall more in love with yourself, or BOTH

Pretty simple! You ready to take the next step? I am!! Book here:

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