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a Love Poem- to Believe in Love Again

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Journal Entry from 2019

You are finding me

You swim

You climb

You conquer for me

You are looking for me

You may have already found me

But maybe not and that is ok

The forces of nature

The laws of attraction

The reason we exist

Love is the most important

It is the loudest sound

The strongest pull

The deepest desire

It changes everything

It literally creates life

It moves and stretches and lives

It cannot be bound or squashed

It is free to give and accept

It can be embodied and held onto

It breathes and speaks

Love is finding me

You are finding me

You are the loudest sound

You will change everything

You create life

You move and stretch and live

You cannot be bound or squashed

You are free to give to and accept from

You breathe you speak

You are finding me

The love you have for me is real

You’re strong

You are honest and true

You have integrity and charm

You hold my interest and I want to hear every story you tell

and you, mine

Your life will never be the same because of me

I heal parts and break down walls

You make it all make sense

I love you best

You’ve found me and we’ve found each other

It’s not by coincidence

It is by intention

By honesty

By intrigue

By admiration

By seeking

And by finding what you seek

I’m taking my time

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