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My Heart is Fragile

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Journal Entry mid-Divorce 2018

about the despair of leaving the sand to go sail the shore in uncharted waters I didn't even want to swim in.

My love is fragile

I'm fragile

My heart is tender

It all just hurts

The leaving

The wanting

The fighting

The falling

All these pieces of me on the floor

No one here to help me

No one to pick them up

No one to warm me

Or welcome me

It’s all so dark

The Dream feels like it’s dying

A cold and slow death

It’s lonely

What is it all for

What can I even do or be

How am I seen or heard

By anyone that matters

Who knows me

The one underneath the other one

Who has unearthed all of the top layers and still chosen to dig deeper

To revel

To dance

To fight

For bliss

For togetherness

For spirit and soul

For compatibility

For harmony

For real true love

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