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I listen to Her Now

Journal Entry from 2019 - learning to listen to myself again.

I am

Not afraid of love

No longer does it make me itchy

I give and accept love freely

If they are not right for me

my heart will tell me

My body will tell me

Discomfort will whisper

And I will listen

I will listen to her and she and me

Because we are one

And we communicate now

The best person is coming

He is on his way

He is realizing that I am a gem

A treasure

And that he best work his magic before I’m won over by someone else

He’ll win me over in spite of me

And because of me

Because I listen to her and she and me

We’ll be ok and good and fine

We take massive imperfect steps

Toward all of our goals

And we continually rise to the occasion

Every occasion and challenge

It is good

It is okay

I can breathe

I can be

And be okay

I am living my moments

I am taking my time

Love is mine to give and receive

Because I love her

And she is me

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