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Stay In the Middle : thoughts on journey, change, religion

Updated: Jun 2

I moved

To self-empowerment

To speaking up

To happiness

To a love so full others could admire it

I chased yoga

I followed art and wrote music

I penned poems

I unapologetically fell in love with myself again

It was too bright for some people

I moved to feel

All of the sadness from 3 decades

To examine dark corners

To peer into the pain

I sought to know myself again

I sought to know why I left myself

I chased after despair, asking it

To speak to me

I looked into the wanting to die,

Asking it to inspire me

It was too dark for some people

People want the middle

Somewhat happy, somewhat miserable



The pendulum of feeling and speaking can’t swing so far

In one direction because that will make people lose their balance

They might fall over

And it’ll be your fault

Don’t go explore the edges

That’s where you disagree with us

and everything we stand for

You make us worry about you

It’s where you’re too loud

Too much

Stay in your place, dear

Take up less space here

That’s enough



Not changing

In the middle

Then we know what to expect from you

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